What is Will Power?

Riverside Theatre’s Will Power Teams have visited Iowa City and Cedar Rapids schools since 2000. We aim to get 8th grade students hooked on the work of William Shakespeare by presenting it the way it was meant to be: by professional actors live on stage! Through dynamic and entertaining small group workshops we show that Shakespeare can be as exciting, funny, vital and moving as anything in the movies today.  Oh, and we provide a study guide packed with related activities, interesting facts and analysis of the play in advance of the visit! 

This program is a potently effective way to open young minds to the possibilities of Shakespeare, language and theatrical invention by providing a hands-on learning experience that addresses not only play analysis but also acting, dramaturgy, costumes and the relevance that Shakespeare still holds today.

For more information please contact Irena Saric at admin@riversidetheatre.org

This year’s Will Power tour is sponsored by